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Jerry Jaz

Disruptive Technologist
Jerry Jaz, Founder, GreenBlueprint
  • Conversation for Posibilities 85% 85%
  • Process Oriented 80% 80%
  • Personal Agenda 17% 17%
  • Team Player 70% 70%

This Is My Story and I’m Sticking To It

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with the way things work. When something broke I was right there to see why and how and often insisted it could be mended to be better than new. Fixing stuff is not always possible but it never stopped me from learning why it had failed in the first place. I use that same excitement for planning and construction processes.

I have created and overseen planning meetings, reviewed construction documents and interacted with project stakeholders. I encourage everyone to bring their best game and understand how their team was built to succeed. Yes, there is paperwork to accomplish and new materials to introduce, but that is part what makes design and construction a living thing.

• Certified, National Sustainable Building Advisor, 2007 – Present

Accredited Professional status in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED, AP), specialty in Design and New Construction,  earned in 2009

• Member in good standing United States Green Building Council, 2008 – Present

Along the way I helped negotiate terms for investors, contractors and sub-contractors, conducted on-site and off-site inspections for compliance, and offered technical assistance whenever advantageous. I have endeavored to educate stakeholders to the benefits of sustainable practices. I developed and wrote master plans for diversification of investment/construction strategies to embrace profit-making, sustainable ventures as a recession-proof growth business.

I have been a Board of Director member and VP of a 150 home HOA and directed the Streets and Structures program. I was point for the Board’s mission to rebuild a $60,000,000 development on 24 acres.

My name is Jerry Jaz and I founded GreenBlueprint. I like a good challenge.

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Tick tock, everything matters. Time is money. Great research delivered late has no target. Excellent preplanning trumps last minute penny pinching every time…. Tick tock.


Conversation for possibilities: Creative environment where criticism is saved for last and minds are free to roam and discover the best way through. Sounds crazy but excellent results tells me it works.

Advanced Tech

Integrated photographic monitoring of progress and dynamic tracking for on-demand deliveries are just two cool solutions. Tech is just a tool. At the end of the day it is people who do the work.

Powerful Words

Award-winning communicator brings clear thinking to every aspect of your project. It is accomplished by listening well and presenting information in a manner that informs and inspires. Why not have both?

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